Want your book to fit like a glove?

Create your own fully-customized book.

In addition to the standard service (prêt-à-porter) of personalized books, our atelier also offers an exclusive Haute Couture service. If you want to create your book from scratch and shape your story according to your own personal taste, you can do it with the help of our couturiers.

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The Haute Couture experience at Book-à-Porter offers a unique opportunity to customize both the storytelling formula as well as the book format. In this case, the book creation process begins with an interview in which we sit down with you to discuss the type of storytelling that best suits your needs –an interview with a biographer, conversations with our team, an original manuscript, etc. Once the story has been written, you will be accompanied in the process of selecting every detail of the book –format, cover, and all the final touches (texture, binding, materials, etc.). The outcome will be the book of your dreams –a true work of art.