How It Started

The story of Book-à-Porter began with a “eureka” moment. I had just returned to Spain after a stimulating year in New York City. I was trying to decide what new direction my career in publishing was going to take, when suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle came together. During a ceremonious presentation of art books, I found myself thinking that our lives are works of art as well, each one in its own unique way. And they deserve to be told in the pages of lovely, sophisticated books. The idea took shape quickly, developing into something incredibly exciting, even stunningly so. I could finally combine my interest in personal stories with my passion for books as fascinating artefacts. Book-à-Porter thus became a life project and a mission: to create customized books, not only beautiful on the inside but on the outside as well, and books that would allow everyone to preserve their own stories in the best possible way.

Valentina Morotti, Chief Couturier

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