How it works Book-à-Porter

The heart of the books created by Book-à-Porter includes five different scripts (one for each book: ME, YOU & ME, YOU, YOURS, and WE), which consist of various narrative capsules, divided into chapters. You select the story you want to tell and let the narrative capsule guide and inspire you. Each capsule allows your narrative creativity to come to life, so you can tell your story in a unique and vibrant way, avoiding the dreaded “writer’s block”.

Once the story is written, our editorial team puts the text through a rigorous review process, identical to the one that writers experience when they deliver their work to a publishing house. The outcome of this process is a special edition book –a precious object to keep or offer as a gift.

How it works infographic EN

1. Select

Once you have selected the story you want to tell, such as your biography (ME), the story of your family (WE), a person you care about (YOU), your partner (YOURS), or the story of your relationship (YOU & ME), you just have to click on the corresponding book to access the product page. Here you will get a preview of what your tailor-made book will look like. For example, you can read some of its narrative capsules, peruse the testimonies of those who have already enjoyed the Book-à-Porter experience, and even browse through a sample book.

To reserve your tailor-made experience, just click on “Reserve your book” and we will contact you immediately so you can get started on your narrative adventure. We will provide all the information and material you need to start on the road to becoming the “teller of your own tale”.

2. Order

In our book atelier, we offer a convenient 50%-50% payment plan. Reserve your book and start telling your story stress-free. You will only be asked to pay a deposit. When you have finished writing the composition, and your book is ready, you can make the final payment by using PayPal, or bank transfer.

For the purchase of Gift Cards and the “Memory Box”, the full amount must be paid in a single payment by using PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, or debit card.

3. Write

Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the material and information necessary for you to write your book, including the actual questionnaire with the narrative capsules and instructions on how to complete them. Our questionnaires include between 30 and 50 narrative capsules that can be freely combined, so you don’t need to answer all of them. When you have finished answering the narrative capsules, just send us the completed questionnaire by email and our editorial team will transform it into a tailor-made book.

* Special books written by many people. Books such as YOU and WE can become choral narrations, if necessary. Involving more people in the creation of a tailor-made book makes it even more special. This is the reason why we encourage you to do so. In cases like these, we provide the material to make the process clear and simple for everyone.

4. Editing

Once we receive the content of your book, which includes the answers to the questionnaire and the photos you selected to accompany the text, our team puts it through an exhaustive editorial process that includes proofreading, creating a layout, and printing the book. The editorial procedure usually requires one month (30 working days) to be completed.

Some useful clarifications

  • The term revision refers only to the correction of orthographic errors and other possible misprints. The editorial team does not interfere in any other way with the text, leaving it intact in terms of style –the only voice that can be discerned in the text is yours.
  • Each Book-à-Porter tailor-made book is a unique creation. Therefore, we usually print only one copy in the colour of your choice from the 5 proposed. For additional copies, the eBook edition, and custom covers, please visit our accessories section.

5. Shipping

At the end of the publishing process, the book is sent to be printed, bound, and packaged. It is then ready for shipment. You can track your order at any time through the link you receive by email as soon as we have shipped your book. We work with UPS and guarantee delivery in 4-5 working days.

For more information, please consult our FAQ section.