Writing a composition through Book-à-Porter is much more than an attempt to save our memories from oblivion and the incessant march of time –it is a narrative adventure that connects us to our most intimate truths. Word by word, one anecdote after another, we create “our” book –an original, authentic narrative full of emotion.

collezione asterisco 1
  1. Our lives are too beautiful not to be remembered.
  2. Our stories are too exciting not to be told.
  3. Our adventures, both big and small, must be shared.
  4. There are thoughts that deserve to be written “out loud”.
  5. There are moments that must be remembered forever.
  6. There are words that can only be said in a book.
  7. For each memory, the space it deserves.
  8. For each page, a surprise.
  9. For each word, an emotion.
  10. Say it with a book: it is a unique experience!