Our Stories

We feel honoured to be allowed to help people connect with their stories, turning them into precious books. All of our projects are special and unique, just like the stories they tell. Below are some of the stories that stand out.

2C Silvia1


Silvia wanted to celebrate her father Antonio’s 60th birthday, so she chose the book YOU as a special present. Together with her mother, sister, and brother, she wrote her father’s story by using interviews, anecdotes, and reflections on their relationship. Everyone was deeply moved by the outcome: “I don’t know if I got more emotional when I wrote the book or when I saw my father reading it.” – Silvia, Rome

2C LaraMichele

Lara and Michele

“We’ve been together for five years and we’ve exchanged all kinds of presents. But this book was one of the most precious gifts we have ever made and received. We’re expecting a baby and we started writing our love story for her. What was meant to be a gift for our baby became a sweet remembrance of our own relationship. It was a fantastic experience!” Michele, Bergamo

2C Mariangeles


“This moment for me has been mystical: as I get closer to my 40th birthday, I feel “more alive than ever”. By the way, this is the subtitle I gave to the book called ME. My life is so amazing that I needed to put everything on paper, to make it immortal, so to speak. Thanks to this book, I finally took some time for myself to think about who I am. I started answering the questions from what they call the narrative capsules! And “boom: it was awesome!” I loved it so much that I would do it a hundred times more.” Mariangeles, Madrid

2C Pau1


A marriage proposal 64 pages long… Spoiler alert: she said “yes”. “I wanted it to be special, unique. Leti is a writer, and when I discovered Book-à-Porter, it was kind of a eureka moment. I couldn’t think of a better way to ask her to marry me.” Pau, Barcelona

2C cugini

Noris family

“Our grandmother was going to celebrate her 80th birthday and we wanted to commemorate her life with something unique and precious, so we started writing the book YOU for her. It was so sweet to go back to our childhood –it gave us the chance to undertake a pleasant journey filled with anecdotes and family stories. At the beginning, we were worried about not having enough to say, but the questionnaire ignited ideas that became 200 pages of pure affection.“ Noris family, Treviso

2C Simone


“My mother is 30 years old. She was planning a big party for her birthday. I made her a beautiful drawing and my aunt put it in a book. Then my aunt asked me a lot of questions about my mother and put those in the book too. When my mother opened the book, she said it was the best gift in the world.” Simone, Turin

2C AleLele1

Alessandro and Lele

“There was no important anniversary to celebrate. No special occasion. While browsing Instagram we came across Book-à-Porter, and we didn’t think twice about it. “Our story in a book? How cool!” We were delighted to embark on the process, which took months to complete. We savoured the journey, because it was worth every minute. While writing, we were able to relive countless moments of our love story. It was very emotional. This book is a brilliant idea.” Alessandro and Lele, Milan